Friday, 9 June 2017

#30DaysWild day 8 - Goat's-beard

After the kids got home from school, we took the dog for a walk in the field behind our house. The little one loves to ride his bike, while the dog races after him and bounces around in the long grass.

The field used to be a sports ground for the workers at a local company, but hasn't been used for a long time and has now been left to go wild. The field is cut about twice a year and dog walkers use it, which is why there are trails around the edge of the field. Otherwise it's a lovely wild space that's full of wildflowers and insects.

The field was full of the seed heads of goat's-beard, which looked like giant dandelion clocks.

We couldn't resist trying to blow one, but they're tougher than they look. It took a lot of puff (and a bit of pulling) to get the seeds lose!

 I think we'll have to have a go at the Great British Wildflower Hunt out there as one of our #30DaysWild activities.

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