Saturday, 3 June 2017

#30DaysWild day 3 - Oxford Wild Fair

The weather was gorgeous for today's Wild Fair at the Oxford Natural History Museum. Bug Mad Girl and I went last year and had a great time, so her little brother and Dad came along with us this year.

When we arrived, the winning photos from last years photography competition were on display, including my photos for the wellies. As the same set of legs were all there, we couldn't resist trying to recreate the photo!
Same feet, different shoes!
We went inside first, listened to some stories and had a good look at all the great things on show.

Inspecting the deer skulls closely

The skin of a large grass snake

The inside of the museum is wonderful, with lots of dinosaurs, fossils and skeletons. Little brother got his revenge on Bug mad Girl and fed her to a dinosaur!

I love the whale skeletons hanging from the ceiling and if you look up, the beautiful architecture of the roof makes it feel like you're inside a giant whale. It really is one of the most amazing ceilings.

Whales swimming through the museum

Inside the museum skeleton
Outside, we walked around the stalls and got some great ideas for our wildlife garden at home. We spent some time on the composting stall and learnt how to start our new compost heap. I bought some viper's bugloss plants, which are great for bees and butterflies and will be a great addition to the garden. We made some seed bombs, which can go in our wildflower meadow (a patch of lawn that we haven't cut!) and we got some pre-cut wood that we can make into a bird house. All good things to do later during our #30DaysWild!

Making seed bombs - thanks to Wendy Tobbitt for the photo
Making seed bombs is a messy business!
 We followed the wildlife trail ...

... although some of the words proved a bit tricky to spell! He got the prize at the end though!
Hedgehog took several attempts
The kids dressed up as the very hungry caterpillar and a butterfly and took 30DaysWild selfies ...
Caught on camera! Usually it's me taking photos of people taking photos!
Thanks to Wendy Tobbitt for the photo.
... and we ended up with a cuddle with a bee.
Another fantastic day out for #30DaysWild day 3.

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