Monday, 5 June 2017

#30DaysWild Day 5 - Fun with sticks

Today was the last day of half term, so we took the dog for a rainy walk through the woods. Bug Mad Girl spotted an animal trail leading up the steep slope of the hill and scurried up it to investigate. It was too steep for us to follow, so we sat and waited for her ... and waited ... and waited.
Last seen disappearing into the bushes

Waiting patiently
As we started to wonder what we would do to find her and whether she would mind if we just left her there, she re-appeared from completely the wrong direction! We held on tight to her and walked down to Grangelands, a beautiful chalk grassland reserve full of orchids and butterflies (although it was far too rainy for them today).

The kids did a rain dance (not sure whether they were dancing for more rain or less) and the dog ran around like a mad thing.

Ears and tongue flying in every direction
Then they found two unicorn horns and realised they could be used for all sorts of things. They were musical instruments, boomerangs and a bow and arrow.

The boomerangs were a bit broken as they didn't ever come back!

Watch out, Robin Hood is after us!
Best of all, they made some lovely antlers.

There were some very strange deer around on our rainy walk!

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