Monday, 14 November 2016

Voluptuous Death

I see lots of competitions and opportunities posted on social media and most of the time I think I could never do that. Every now and then though I pluck up the courage to give it a go, telling myself I have nothing to lose. Contributing to the Spring and Autumn books in the Seasons anthology was one such case. I sent off my proposals, thinking at least I'd tried, only to be shocked to hear that my pieces of writing had been included in the books. Even then I didn't actually believe it until I saw them in print!

Well it's happened again. I found out yesterday that a piece I wrote about death's-head hawk-moths had won the invertebrates category in Mark Avery's writing competition. It's such an honour to have won and I'm totally thrilled!

You can read the piece, Voluptuous Death, on Mark Avery's blog.

bug Mad Girl holding one of our death's-head hawk-moths


  1. Well done!! Now go celebrate by finding the Super Moon!!! lol

  2. Fabulous! Well done you and well deserved. Heather x

  3. Hi BMG. Can you check out my blog. I have some moth eggs and I want to rear them, but I need your advice.