Monday, 19 June 2017

#30DaysWild day 19 - Toad Hall and a zebra

We decided to make a frog and toad house to go by our new pond over the weekend. It's somewhere for them to hibernate in the winter, but also a place for all sorts of creatures to shelter. I had a large terracotta pot that had cracked on one side, so Bug Mad Girl set about painting it.  

I half buried it in a shady place next to the pond today and covered the soil inside the pot with dry leaves and moss. I also put some plants around it to help conceal it and add extra cover.  
Our new pond is starting to look great and the addition of Toad Hall will hopefully help our froglets to get through the winter.
There are still lots of red damselflies using the pond, which is fantastic to see. Up close they really do look like monsters!


Just because it's funny ... I took the dog for a walk this morning in the hills and we saw a zebra!  Who knew there were zebras in the chilterns!!

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