Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Glittering Grangelands

Grangelands was so beautiful this morning. The sun was shining and we'd had a hard frost overnight, so it looked like it had been dusted with icing sugar. It's hard to believe that in a few months this will burst into life and be full of amazing orchids and butterflies. For now I'm just enjoying the sparkle (and secretly looking forward to spring already!)

I was spoilt for choice of frosty seed heads to photograph, but teasels have always been a bit of a favourite of mine. They're so tall and spiky and such a great source of food for the birds during the winter.

The frost makes such amazing patterns on everything ...
It was good to see plenty of berries still around for the birds.
Nature's Christmas decorations draped along the hedgerows

Juniper berries
Grangelands was glittering in the sunlight and felt so calm and peaceful. What a wonderful place!


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  1. The frost has been amazing at Strumpshaw too this morning. I took photos of some beautiful icy structures on berries today, pure magic!