Friday, 23 June 2017

#30daysWild day 23 - Explorers

We decided to go and explore the field behind our house after school today. We played hide and seek in the long grass ...
... although the dog can't resist 'finding' and tends to give away everyone's hiding places!

We found a path through the trees around the edge of the field, which led to a secret area with a stream and a little waterfall.

 We looked up and realised we were right underneath a red kite's nest.

Back in the field there were lots of webs full of nursery web spiderlings. Some of them had the parent spider guarding over them. They're pretty big, impressive spiders.

We had a hunt around for bugs and found plenty of meadow browns that were disturbed as we walked through the grass.

Bug hunters

7 spot ladybird

Ladybird pupa

We found some amazing seed pods that  open by twisting in a spiral. We collected some that hadn't opened yet and we'll scatter the seed in our wildflower meadow (the unmown patch of our garden) when they open.

We ended up making crowns out of grass, which the dog ended up wearing!

Then headed back home.

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