Wednesday, 28 June 2017

#30DaysWild day 28 - As right as rain

The weather has mostly been wonderful for 30 Days Wild this year, but it looks like the last few days may be a bit damp and dreary. As the rain will do the garden the world of good, I braved the drizzle and went out to take some 'drippy' photos and see what I could find out there.

Droplets of water on the teasels made them look like they were sparkling
Lady's mantle has to have the best rainy day leaves
The garden is full of huge hollyhocks, which are just starting to flower. They come in all colours and are lovely and cheerful on a dreary day.


I even found a little bug sheltering from the rain inside one of the flowers.

Other insects were carrying on regardless of the rain and didn't seem to care about it.
7 spot ladybird in our 'wildflower meadow'
Soldier beetle
Gang of tiny caterpillars on the nettle patch 

The front garden is full of very tall yellow scabious, which the bees absolutely
love, even when it's wet.


The rain has finally filled up the pond, which was looking very low for a while. It's full of wriggly mosquito larvae at the moment!

Elsewhere in the garden, the rain promises good things to come!

 And finally, a bit of sunshine to brighten up the day!

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  1. That bug in that flower is actually an ichneumon wasp. That long 'stinger' is in fact its ovipositor which it uses to inject its eggs into caterpillars or other insect larvae.