Thursday, 29 June 2017

#30DaysWild day 29 - Feeling sluggish

The recent damp weather has bought the slugs and snails out of hiding. We counted 24 on our short walk to school this morning, then I found these two monster slugs in the back garden.

They had such beautiful markings and were really quite big, but I would prefer not to have them living in amongst my lettuces, so I moved them out of harms way to the nettle patch. I believe they're green cellar slugs.
Instead of a shell, they have a leathery patch called a mantle shield.  The hole in this shield is called the pneumostome and acts as the slug's breathing pore or nostril.  Like most slugs, they have two pairs of feelers on their head.  One pair detect light, while the lower pair are used for smell or possibly taste.
The pneumostome on the right hand side of the mantle
As for this evening, Bug Mad Girl has gone kayaking with the guides. She left the house wearing a wet suit, so I suspect there may be some wild swimming in the Thames tonight!

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