Thursday, 25 September 2014

Yoesden Bank

We had lunch in Bledlow Ridge today, so afterwards we had a quick walk around stunning Yoesden Bank. In the summer it's completely covered in wildflowers and butterflies and is an amazing place to visit. It still has the breathtaking views of Radnage and the Chilterns, but is a bit quieter at this time of year.

Yoesden Bank, looking down to Radnage
A lot of the fields are being ploughed at the moment and the red kites love it. They follow the tractors around looking for worms being brought to the surface. There were a lot gliding around overhead and even a few down on the ground.

Fields being ploughed in the distance

A red kite down on the ground

Take off

The distinctive shape of a red kite gliding overhead
Most of the flowers had gone over on Yoesden Bank, but there were still some in the fields. There was lots of sows thistles and some clover and ground thistles still flowering.

There are still some flowers around
Most flowers have gone over now - Scabious seed heads

Ground Thistle

Sow Thistle - More like a Dandelion than a Thistle

The hedgerows were full of berries, especially Sloes. I can't remember seeing so many before. It's definitely going to be a bumper year!

We had a look through the woods as well and found a few interesting treasures.

There were lots of old badger sets - I don't think they were in use though
as there was no fresh chalk/soil scraped out of the entrance
There wasn't very much fungus around, but we did find this large
bracket fungus

There was some tiny lichen growing on a gate

#100DaysOfNature Day 64 - This caught my eye, because it looks like
the bramble leaves have been stuck onto the log

An old rotten tree was being chewed and eaten

We found a huge Yew tree, covered in poisonous berries

Yew berries

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