Thursday, 18 September 2014

Giant vegetables and lots of animals

We spent a lovely day at the Thame and Oxfordshire County Show today. Thankfully the weather was great and there was lots to see.

Horses play a big part in the show, with lots of different classes including showing in hand, show jumping and the heavy horses. My favourite have to be the lovely little scurry ponies. They rush around through a tight, windy course pulling little carriages with people literally hanging off the back of them.

There are also showing classes for cattle and sheep - they all seem to be real characters!

Lots of other animals are on display at the show including some very cute llamas, birds of prey, donkeys, geese and mules (that were enormous).

Lovely llamas

Baby llama
#100DaysOfNature Day 57 - Bateleur Eagle

Harris Hawk

One man and his donkey

Geese, that were herded around the ring by a sheepdog

Display of mules - much bigger than I thought they would be
There were lots of old tractors, cars and farm machinery on display. 

Best of all though, has to be the tent full of enormous vegetables! Who wouldn't be impressed by onions the size of footballs!!

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