Saturday, 27 September 2014

A box of Crane Flies

We put the moth trap out last night. It's always exciting when you open it in the morning as you never quite know what you're going to find! The birds also get very excited when they see it and start twittering and jumping around in the trees around the patio. We try hard to let the moths go in the bushes, but there are a lot of moths everywhere that are easy targets for the sparrows and robins.

Even Little Brother gets involved and likes to hold a moth on his finger. This Common Wainscot, which he called Yellow, was quite happy on his finger for about 20 minutes, before it (wisely) made a break for it.

Little Brother (and Yellow) helped open the moth trap

Yellow, the Common Wainscot
One of the first moths we spotted was a Ruby Tiger, sitting on the outside of the box. It had dark red/brown wings, with a bright ruby red furry body. I only managed to get one photo, which unfortunately doesn't show it's ruby colour at all. It flew off before I could get a better shot.

Ruby Tiger moth
There were lots of Crane flies in the box. Not my favourite thing - They're all dangly legs and fly into everything.

I was surprised how many moths were in the trap. Most were different varieties from the small brown club. Some of those are quite pretty and have intricate patterns on their wings and some are bright orange. We also got several Large Yellow Underwings and a couple of Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings.

We got a couple of Burnished Brass moths, which are really pretty with their metallic green pattern and wild tufty hair.

#100DaysOfNature Day 66 - Burnished Brass moth

We also caught one Autumn Thorn. I love the shape of their wings and the way they hold them up in the air.

Autumn Thorn

Autumn Thorn

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