Friday, 5 September 2014

Where have all our birds gone?

Since we got back from Ireland there has been a noticeable lack of birds on the bird table and feeders. At first I thought they may just be in a huff because we were away for 9 days, so they weren't being fed. The feeders are all full again and they should be back by now, but all I've seen all day is a Blue Tit, a Dunnock and a couple of Sparrows. Even mealworms thrown on the patio hasn't tempted them. There's no sign of the Robins and Blackbirds, who are always hanging around demanding food.

Blue Tit

I suspect they've all headed off to the hedgerows to fill up on berries. Also the fields are being harvested so they're probably after all the bugs being thrown up, the worms turned over when the fields are ploughed and the wheat and crops that are spilt. I'm sure they'll all be back soon! 

I had a look down the bottom of the garden and did see a Robin in a bush and a Blackbird on top of the greenhouse (I think she'd been eating Elderberries). They soon disappeared when they saw me and haven't come to get any food (even though they usually nag me for mealworms).
#100DaysOfNature Day 44 - Blackbird
Then I heard a high pitched call that I didn't recognize and saw a little bird high up in the bushes. Smaller than a Sparrow, but bigger than a Wren, with a forked tail and green/grey streaked back and yellow bars on the wing. I think this is a Siskin, which is a new one for our garden.
Siskin (maybe?)
The Honey Bees were having a lovely time on the Sedum and I saw a couple of Large White butterflies.

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