Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lovey doves, a wren and some sweet chestnuts

I called in to see Nanny Moth this morning. There were two very pretty Lovey Doves on her bird table. We always call them Lovey Doves because you often see them in pairs and they look so cute together, but they're actually Collared Doves.

I have to admit, I'd never noticed they have dark red eyes. Bit creepy, but we still love them!

Then a very noisy Wren sat on a fence post and sang at us. They have a very big voice for such a tiny bird. I love their big round tummies and the way they stick their tails up in the air.

#100DaysOfNature Day 63

Nanny Moth had found some Sweet Chestnuts whilst out and about. They're the chestnuts that you roast and eat at Christmas and are distantly related to the Horse Chestnut (Conkers). They're very strange looking things, as the seeds are surrounded by a spiky case, making them look a bit like a sea urchin. They're very prickly to hold and you can definitely see how the spikes would protect them from being eaten by animals.

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