Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Who's been eating my bird cake?

The bird cake has been disappearing fast, so I was wondering who was eating it all. I thought maybe the cheeky squirrels had been taking it, although they usually try to steal the entire coconut shell full of suet, which wasn't the case this time. I was sat in the dining room this morning, so staked out the bird cake!

The Dunnocks (or Dickey Hedge Sparrow as we also call them) were attempting to eat the bird cake. They're shy little things that usually hang around on the floor and in the bushes, eating the food that drops off the feeders, so I was quite surprised to see them trying. I'm not sure they actually ate any though, as they seemed quite puzzled about how to get to it. They're not used to hanging onto feeders like the Blue Tits and they're too timid to just muscle their way in like the Starlings.


The Blue Tits, Great Tits and Robins were eating the bird cake, but they only take a tiny mouthful at a time. The Blue Tits can hang onto anything to reach food and the Robins just hover if they can't easily reach it.

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The Blue Tits can hang onto anything

The Robins hover in front of the food to reach it
The Red Kites were around, circling overhead and calling. They're not the bird cake thieves though!

Then a rat appeared on the branch, walked along it like a tightrope, helped himself to the bird cake, then headed off back into the bush. I watched him raid the food about a dozen times, so I think I've discovered our bird cake thief! I don't really mind. He doesn't look like a giant 'super rat' and I don't see him very often. As long as we don't get overrun!!

#100DaysOfNature Day 56

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