Friday, 26 September 2014

Out and about

This is Pete the pigeon, who lives at Nanny Moths house. He was sat right next to us this afternoon, totally oblivious to us being there. He's a very handsome chap!

#100DaysOfNature Day 65

On the way home, I took this photo of Whiteleaf Cross as it looked so pretty in the evening sunshine. You can see how the leaves have started to change colour. I've already written a post about it being cleaned recently, but this shows just how white and shiny it is now.

Back at Bug Mad HQ, there's been something strange happening in the garden. There were a lot of feathers, some poo and what looked like lots of bird poo that had been eaten by massive worms. I don't know for sure what happened, but I can only assume something (maybe a cat or fox) ate a bird (hence all the feathers), left us a poo in the garden, then the worms ate whatever was left over. Very strange!

Bug Mad Girl has put the moth trap out tonight, so we'll see in the morning whether there are lots of moths still around.

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