Tuesday, 2 September 2014

More Irish back garden finds

We set the trail camera up again last night, hoping to see otters, as they are occasionally seen in the garden. No otters, but we saw Mr Fox again and then a killer whale appeared ...

A killer whale ... or perhaps it's just a cat!
The back garden is full of birds. There are lots of Robins and we saw a Greenfinch this morning. The Pied Wagtails run around everywhere and the funny Rooks are always close by.

Family of Rooks

A young Pied Wagtail

A cheeky Hooded Crow dropped in and stuffed it's beak full of food.
Hooded Crow
We found some lovely lichen growing on an Apple tree, then found a Giant Hogweed forest growing next door.
#100DaysOfNature Day 41 - Apple tree lichen


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