Sunday, 14 September 2014

An Old Lady

I was sitting watching TV last night, when something big and black flew in and swooped around the sitting room. At first I though it was a bat as it was flying so fast and was so big. After quite a lot of chasing it around, I realised it was a moth and caught it. The only thing I had handy to catch it with was a bug pot, which was much too small for it!

Turns out it was an Old Lady (you have to love the name of some moths!). Not a particularly colourful moth, but definitely big and a strong flyer. It was very feisty, but that may have been because I'd been chasing it for the last 10 minutes. I put it in a butterfly cage so it had a bit more room, but if I opened the lid to look at it, it immediately started revving up its wings to fly off or walked towards the gap to try to escape. After Bug Mad Girl had seen it, I let it go.

Not a bat, just an Old Lady

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