Friday, 1 August 2014

Nature reserve treasures

Some smaller treasures from the nature reserve today .... there are masses of Common Blue butterflies in amongst the grass. If you visit the nature reserve in the evening, you can see them all roosting (face down) in the grass. They have such intricate patterns on their underwings.

#100DaysOfNature Day 10

There are crickets everywhere, but they can be quite tricky to see. You can definitely hear them chirping away though.

Love this spiders web. It looks like the spider's been doing some home improvements and has decorated it's web with thistle fluff.

Love seemed to be in the air for these pigeons, even if it is making them go a bit crossed-eyed!

#100DaysOf Nature Day 9
Having a nature reserve right next to us on holiday has been fantastic. What a wild and wonderful place.

We drove past the spot where we saw the Buzzard on Monday. He was there again in exactly the same spot, but we were going to fast to get a picture. One more try tomorrow, on the way to the ferry! We've called him Barry the Buzzard!


  1. Barry the Buzzard sounds like a great name! I bet hes very handsome!

  2. Very handsome, but a little camera shy!