Friday, 8 August 2014

Good news and bad news

I have good news and bad news for today!  The good news is that after all my moaning yesterday about there being no Tortoiseshell butterflies around, we saw one this morning! It had found a tiny bit of Buddleia flower that hadn't gone over yet. Hooray! Perhaps I should just stop moaning!

The bad news is that two rats have spent the morning on the patio. I know they're wildlife and should be loved and are probably always around, but I don't want them on my patio! They were very bold and didn't seem to care that I was sat watching them.

I blame the naughty squirrels for the rats being there (but then I blame the squirrels for most things!)  They chewed the lid off the feed bucket, the water got in while we were on holiday and some fat balls got wet and mouldy. The rats were hopping in and out of the bucket and helping themselves to them. I have now thrown them all away and washed out the bucket. I just hope removing their easy food source means they move onto somewhere else.

#100DaysOfNature #Day16

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