Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Highlights

July has been a very busy month and some of our best bits have been:

  • Watching the poor Great Tit who had a tick on its face, rubbed it off and nearly blinded itself, then rubbed all the feathers off its head. Thankfully it seems to have recovered and was last seen with the feathers growing back on its head.
  • Setting up the moth trap and discovering some wonderful moths the next morning. Best finds have been three Elephant Hawk Moths and a Poplar Hawk Moth. The Buff Tip was also very pretty and laid us some eggs that are currently munching their way through a branch of the Silver Birch tree in the garden.
  • Feeding the Red Kites and getting them to swoop down and pick up bones off the lawn.
  • The Death's Head Hawk Moth pupae hatching so we had Bob and Betty to feed and then release.
  • Finding baby field voles in the garden. 
  • Our night time safari to look for glow worms - even though we didn't find any, it was still a big adventure!
  • Our trip to the Isle of Wight, especially the lovely nature reserve that was right next door to us, hunting for treasure on the beach, photographing Barry the Buzzard as he flew alongside the car and spotting the baby wrens living outside our back door.

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