Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mice, spiders, caterpillars and a new baby Robin!

We put out the trail camera last night, hoping to see our Hedgehog again. No sign of him, but we did get a visit from one of the very bouncy mice. We'd put out dog food, mealworms, peanuts and a few left over hazel nuts (that I'd tried, and failed, to tempt the Red Squirrels with on the Isle of Wight). The mouse chose the peanuts. Everything else was eaten up by the birds in the morning.

The mouse choosing what to snack on

Daddy Blackbird is still fussing over his big babies!

The Small and Large White caterpillars have completely demolished my broccoli plants. Not sure what they're going to eat next, but there's not a lot left for all those caterpillars!

I found this spider on the nettle patch. I bet he gets those long legs in a bit of a tangle!

As I've been sat on the patio writing this, I've been visited by the most gorgeous little baby Robin. It must be from the latest brood, as there are some bigger babies around that have started to get their red breasts. This one looks much younger than those and is still quite fluffy.
#100DaysOfNature Day 21
It seems very brave and was sat on the table about a foot away from me. We tried very hard to hand feed some Robins a while ago, but never got anywhere (mainly because Little Brother wanted to be involved and four year olds and nervous birds don't mix particularly well!) It may be time to get the mealworms at the ready and give it another go!

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