Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Garden birds

The garden birds seemed to have forgiven us for abandoning them for a week and have started coming back to the patio. I filled up all the feeders and made them some bird cake and that definitely seems to have cheered them up.


I think these must be the baby robins getting their adult feathers. They're looking a bit rough around the edges at the moment!

Daddy blackbird has spent all day feeding two fledged babies. They're always trailing just behind him and even though they are perfectly capable of feeding themselves, they seem to prefer to be fed by him. I guess somebody else's food always tastes better than your own! This must be at least the blackbirds third brood this summer, so they're doing very well.

#100DaysOfNature #Day13 - Baby blackbird
The sparrow family have been back today (or families - there are lots of them). The babies seem to be much more independent and are feeding themselves now. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago when they spent all day chasing after their Mum, demanding food from her. Sounds strangely familiar!

It's strange that we almost always see the Daddy Blackbird feeding the babies in the garden. With the Sparrows, it's always the Mum being hounded by her babies and they don't even bother to ask Dad.

I've also seen Blue Tits, Great Tits and the shy Dunnocks today. The Dunnocks aren't brave enough to take food from the table and prefer to feed on the ground, hidden away behind the tables and chairs.  

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