Monday, 25 August 2014

Juniper shield bugs and a sad Greenfinch

Bug Mad Girl has been out spotting things again ... this time in Nanny Moth's garden. She has eagle eyes and doesn't miss much! This time she spotted lots of little shield bugs, all beautifully camouflaged in the little ball shaped cones of a Cypress tree. When we looked closely there were loads of them, of all different sizes. She also found a few adults. We looked them up later and found out that they are Juniper Shield Bugs. They usually feed on Juniper, but have also been known to live and feed on Cypress trees.

#100DaysOfNature Day 33 - Baby Juniper shield bugs

Adult Juniper Shield Bug

Then she spotted a Greenfinch on one of the bird feeders. Looks like it may be unwell (or old), as it was all puffed up and didn't fly away when we got close to it. Looks a bit "rough around the edges"!  It was feeding and drinking, but was a bit too lethargic and it's eyes look very heavy.

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