Friday, 15 August 2014

House Sparrow Family

We have a large and boisterous family of House Sparrows that appear to live in a bush on our patio - the one we hang our bird feeders from. If I ask Bug Mad Girl what her favourite garden bird is, she always says the Sparrows. She hangs out of our bedroom window and "talks" to them as they sit in the top of the bush.

The Sparrows have a lot to say and are always chattering to each other and us. If we sit outside, we will invariably be shouted at by one of the male Sparrows, cross that we're there. Not that they take an awful lot of notice of us and carry on their very busy lives around us. They seem to be for ever dashing around, shouting about something and flicking seed out of the feeders trying to find the bits they like the best.

They may not have the most vivid plumage when you compare them to the pretty little Blue Tits or the Robins with their red breasts, but they have the most colourful personalities. They're brave enough to take food from right next to you, their antics are highly entertaining and they are ever present. They are a definite favourite in our house!

Mummy House Sparrow

#100DaysOfNature Day 23 - Daddy House Sparrow

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