Sunday, 27 July 2014

Nature Reserve stroll

We are staying right next to a nature reserve, so BMG and I went for an early morning explore. Before we even got there we found lots of geese on the grass outside our house. They seemed quite at home there and didn't take any notice of us.

There were lots of bunnies around, including this one eating some blackberries.
#100DaysOfNature Day 4 - Blackberry Bunny
There seemed to be Meadow Brown butterflies everywhere and they would fly up in big clouds when they were disturbed. We also saw lots of 7 spot ladybirds (on almost every reed), a spider guarding it's egg sack and a Bug Mad Girl found some large eggs (which I persuaded her we shouldn't take home with us!)

We were hoping to see Kingfishers and Water Voles as we found a board that said they could be seen at the Nature Reserve. BMG got quite excited at the thought of seeing either, which tends to make her talk a lot, so I think they would have vanished long before we got to them. Anyway, will try again another day when she's a bit quieter!

We did spot two Green Woodpeckers (I'm afraid I wasn't quick enough to get a photo) and a wading bird. I've had a stab at identifying it, but I'm not totally sure. The green legs and long, slightly turned up beak make me think it might be a Greenshank.
And finally, another picture of a Black Headed Gull. I've only included this because I like the reflection in the water!


  1. Wonderful pictures as always and fantastic blog! We have taken to reading it every day since our return last weekend! Brian and Kate.

  2. Thanks B and K. Glad you're enjoying it! x