Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Beach treasure

We've found lots of treasure on the beach today. Most intriguing is what appears to be a large tooth. It looks like a molar, with the grinding part one end and the root the other. It's about as long as my thumb and a bit thicker. It must have been in the sea a long time as it has barnacles stuck to it. Not sure what has teeth like that, but it was quite an exciting find and has led to all sorts of speculation about fossilized dinosaur teeth!

We found a compass jellyfish washed up on the beach. It was dead, but still showed all it's markings really clearly.

This is another strange find. It looks like a large mussel shell that's been worn away and started to flake apart. You can see where the shell is made up of lots of layers.

There are lots of whelk shells on the beach, some are complete and others have holes pecked in them by the birds. We have also found lots of clumps of whelk eggs on the beach.

#100DaysOfNature Day 7 Whelk shells and eggs

Other treasures we've found include beadlet anemones, small shiny shells, cuttlefish bones and some lovely driftwood.


  1. Wondering if you ever found out what the first item is ? We found one like this and cannot identify it. Is it a whale molar?

    1. I never found out what it is. Very curious thing!