Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dragons, bath time and a very sore eye

We've seen a huge dragonfly in the garden for the last two days. Both times it was chased away by the cheeky birds (a Starling yesterday and a Sparrow today) who wanted to eat it. Hope it comes back so I can get a picture.

The baby Robins have been enjoying a nice cool bath. Mum has been keeping a close eye on them though!

The Great Tit with a tick on it's face has been back today, with it's mate. It seems to have got the tick off (if that's what it was), but has a very sore looking eye and face. I saw it rubbing it's face on a branch earlier today, so I guess that's how it's done the damage. It's been eating and drinking, but does seem a bit slow. Very worried about it!

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