Tuesday, 8 July 2014

More baby birds

We've been invaded by a family (or two) of starlings. The parents are teaching the babies how to strip the bird feeders. They are such greedy birds and won't stop until they have eaten everything. The babies are a pale brown colour, instead of the glossy black, tinged with green and purple, of the parents. They still have the distinctive beady eye and long beak though - perfect for getting every last scrap of food out of a feeder. They all spend a lot of time bickering with each other!

Bug Mad Girl also found a dead baby bird in the middle of the garden. We're not sure whether something took it out of the nest and dropped it, or whether it died in the nest and the parents removed it. It doesn't look like anything has tried to eat it (yet) and must only be a few days old. We can't tell what sort of bird it is, but it seems to have very big back legs and feet!

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