Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Buff Tip caterpillars

The Buff Tip caterpillars are growing fast and eating there way through a lot of Silver Birch (good job we have a big tree in the garden). They're still hanging out together in a gang. I wonder which one decides it's time to move on and where to move to? However that decision gets made, they all seem to follow.

They may have to go out in the garden soon as we're off on holiday. May try and put them on a branch with some netting around it, so we can watch them growing.

When I was changing their leaves this morning, I found this pretty little shield bug. Must have been on yesterdays leaves when I put them in the caterpillars cage. I believe it's called a Parent Bug (also sometimes called a Motherly Shield Bug).  The mother guards her eggs and looks after the babies, which is pretty rare in the insect world. They live on Birch. I rescued it and put it out in the garden.

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