Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bony birds

We put some lamb chop bones on the lawn for the Red Kites. They were soon swooping down to get them, but lots of the other birds in the garden also fancied them. The Blackbirds ran across the garden, heads down, then flicked the bones up in the air, trying to pick them up and run off with them. When they realized they were too heavy for them, they ended up dragging a bone off into the bushes. The Robins sat on the bones and picked the meat off. Even the baby Robins wanted some meat, but they weren't too sure what to do and wanted Mum to feed them. They're very brave to mess with the bones when the Kites could swoop at any moment!

A Red Kite picking up a lamb chop bone
The Blackbirds dragged bones into the bushes

The baby Robins wanted Mum to feed them meat from the bones

Looking at the bones and not too sure what to do next

The Rooks sat on the roof and watched, but were too nervous to go down to the lawn when we were sat outside. Normally they wouldn't stay around if anybody was outside, so they must have been keen to be there at all. I'm sure they got a bone or two after we went indoors though!  They really are very strange looking birds, with that bumpy, bare grey patch of skin on their faces.

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