Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Highlights

As it's the start of July, I thought I would look back over the blog posts for June and pick out some of my favourites.
  • Finding out we had a Hedgehog in the garden has to be my very best moment, as we had absolutely no idea there was one around. We've caught it on camera both times we've put the trail camera out, so I assume it's a regular visitor. My untidy and unweeded garden is now totally justified!
  • The Orchids this year have been brilliant. I've really enjoyed trying to find so many different types and love the fact that such exotic looking flowers are growing wild around us. 
  • Borrowing a moth trap and catching so many different types of moth has been great fun. Opening the trap in the morning and searching through the egg boxes to see all the different moths was very exciting, but the very best find has to be the Elephant Hawk Moth.
  • Red Kites taking food off of the lawn in front of us was definitely a highlight. You never expect such massive birds to swoop so quickly and quietly and pick up food from such a tight space.
  •  Our nettle patch has been a great success. We decided to let the nettles grow and just see what happened. We haven't been disappointed as the variety of wildlife we've seen has been amazing. Best bits are the ants and their aphids, the freaky looking ladybird larvae, the caterpillars that make a tent to change their skins underneath and the masses of bugs that live there (spiders, shield bugs, beetles and flies).
  • Last, but not least has to be all the lovely baby birds that were around last month. In particular the baby Sparrows, Robin, Blue Tit, Blackbirds and Wood Pigeon.

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