Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Elephant and the Mouse

We set up the trail camera and the moth trap last night. Most exciting find was an Elephant Hawk Moth in the moth trap, but we got lots of moths (I would guess between 200 and 300). There were lots more than the last time we put the trap out. Lots of small brown ones, but several new and colourful ones too.

Elephant Hawk Moth
We also caught a mouse on the trail camera and a cat (looks like one of the panthers that you see on trail cameras on the TV!). The mouse is very cute and bounces around a lot.

We let all the moths go in the morning and the birds went crazy. The Sparrows and Robins were lining up for their breakfast. Even the shy Great Tits couldn't resist. We tried to shoo as many moths away as possible, but I'm afraid some of them were sitting ducks! Felt a bit guilty !!

A few pictures of some of the moths we caught last night ...
Brimstone Moth

Buff Arches

Ghost Moth

Large Emerald

Magpie Moth

Peach Blossom

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