Thursday, 12 June 2014

Orchids, orchids and more orchids

Went for a lovely walk this morning to look for orchids. There were loads! It looks like a really good year for them. We managed to find 4 different types - Common Spotted, Early Purple, Pyramidal and Twayblane. Bee and Musk Orchids grow around here as well, but we couldn't find any today.

The one we saw most of was the Common Spotted Orchid. It's amazing how many different colours and patterns it can have. We even found a few that were completely white.

Common Spotted Orchid - They also come in dark pink
Common Spotted Orchid - this is the usual
colour and pattern

Common Spotted Orchid - An unusual one with
spots instead of lines on the petals
Totally white petals - I believe this is still a Common
Spotted Orchid

Early Purple Orchid - It has a different bottom petal shape
and is much less densely flowered than the Common Spotted

Pyramidal Orchid (they're just starting to bloom)

Twayblade - A type of green orchid

We also some some butterflies around - a few Common Blues, Speckled Woods, Meadow Browns and a Brimstone enjoying a drink from a Dandelion.

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