Sunday, 22 June 2014

Big Wild Sleepout

We slept in the tent last night ... first thing we did was let the Elephant hawk moth (from the moth trap the night before) go.

There were lots of bats flying around at dusk. Good to see them as there don't seem to have been so many for the last couple of years.

Safely tucked up in the tent, we didn't hear anything creeping around outside, although a cat and a hedgehog paid us a visit during the night.

I stuck my head out of the tent at one point during the night and the sky was completely clear and full of stars. It was a lovely night for star gazing!

We woke up very early thanks to the birds. The blackbirds were first at 4.25 am, closely followed by the rest.

When we got up, we checked the moth trap and found a few new moths that we hadn't seen the night before. No Hawk moths tonight, but there were still lots of moths in the trap. We let them all go and tried our best to hide them in the bushes, but the birds were watching us and nabbed quite a few!

Buff Tip - cleverly disguised as a twig

Burnished Brass

Swallowtail moth
Then as a special treat, the Robins brought their newly fledged baby to meet us (and eat some of our moths). This is the first time we've seen him and feel that all our mealworms have helped to raise him!

We had lots of fun and have hopefully raised some money for the RSPB. Now I'm off to bed for another hours sleep!

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