Monday, 2 June 2014

Looking for Slow Worms (or not)

With one more day left to Half Term, Bug Mad Girl and I decided to go and look for Slow worms. I had heard there were a lot around at the moment, so we thought we'd see if we could find one. We were out of luck, but we did have a nice walk and found a piece of pottery (that looked like it could have once been an old beer bottle) and a bone (probably a leg bone). We also saw a bumpy tree that was an interesting shape and it was good to see that the poppies are starting to flower.

When we got home, we put all the treasures we've collected over Half Term into a nature display (actually it's an old cake box). We have:
  • a collection of Red Kite feathers
  • a Roman Snail shell and some other pretty snail shells
  • a couple of feathers we've found out on walks
  • a bunch of fluffy Robin feathers that he left behind when we were trying to hand feed him
  • the bone and pottery we found this morning
  • a dragonfly
  • a piece of clay pipe
  • some shells we found when stream dipping.

Then Bug Mad Girl found a baby Pigeon in the garden. She's convinced it's holding it's wing at a strange angle and is ready to mount a full scale rescue operation and rush it off to Tiggywinkle's Animal Hospital. I think we'll just wait and see though!

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