Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Red Kites

Our next door neighbor was feeding the Red Kites tonight. One of them will spot some food on the lawn and then start circling, making a high pitched whistle. More birds soon appear until there could be 15 - 20 birds circling over head. They get gradually lower and lower, all circling and whistling and looking down. Then one of them decides they're ready to try and get the food and they fold their wings back and dive straight down. They swoop down very quickly and quietly and they're gone in seconds. Blink and you'll miss it (which is why the photos are a bit rubbish!). As soon as one Kite swoops down, they all tend to swoop, one after each other. It's seems like they're all waiting for one of them to pluck up the courage to go, then they realise they'll miss out on the food if they don't get on with it.

These were taken from the patio doors in our dining room.

Swooping down behind the hedge, into next doors garden.
It was too quick for me, which is why I missed it's head!
You get the idea though!!

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