Saturday, 14 June 2014

Taming a Robin

Bug Mad Girl and I have been trying very hard to tame a Robin so he will let us hand feed him. In fact we have two Robins that we're working on (we only know there are two because they turn up together occasionally). We've been making slow progress. Not least because Little Brother likes to "help" and 4 year old boys are incapable of being quiet or still. Anyway, we have got to the point where Robbie will eat mealworms from next to us on the patio and will take them off of the patio table when we are sat just inside the open patio doors. He also comes and shouts at us when he wants some mealworms, but is still quite nervous.

The Sparrows are loving all the mealworms and are much bolder than the Robins. The males will come and sit on the chair next to me and don't seem to mind me being there at all. The two fledged baby Blackbirds are also quite tame and will come very close to us.

This morning I put some mealworms on the patio table and went into the kitchen. Robbie appeared at the window and hovered there for a few seconds, looking straight at me. He then landed on the table and ate the mealworms. I would like to think he was saying thank you for his snack!

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