Sunday, 8 June 2014

Farm open day

This morning we visited a local farm that was having an open day as part of National Open Farm Sunday. They had some lovely pigs (I know, not wildlife, but still worth a picture or two).

We took part in a pollinator survey while we were there (counting bees and flies). They'd set up a moth trap the night before and caught an Elephant Hawk Moth and a Privet Hawk Moth. It's motivated us to try again with our own mothing, so we've borrowed a real moth trap from Uncle Butterfly. Watch this space!
Privet Hawk Moth

Buff Tip (top) and Elephant Hawk Moth (bottom)
Back at home Bug Mad Girl found a Cinnabar moth in the garden (a very pretty day flying moth) and an Orange Tip caterpillar, well camouflaged on some Hedge Garlic.

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