Sunday, 15 June 2014

Babies and Beasties

There are lots of babies around the garden at the moment. The baby Sparrows have fledged in the last few days and follow mum around everywhere, flapping their wings and demanding food from her. She doesn't get much peace!

We've had a baby Blue Tit around for a couple of weeks. The parents were feeding it to start with, but it seems to be self sufficient now. It used to struggle with the feeders and hang with it's feet  way above it's head. It seems to be getting better at hanging on, but still looks very fluffy.

Newly fledged and not quite got the hang of it yet
Still very fluffy, but getting the hang of hanging on
We've also had a family of Magpies on the feeders - they're very noisy and make the strangest noises (especially at 6am!)

Bug Mad Girl found some more babies in the garden - ladybird larvae. They're very strange looking things and are all over the nettle patch. They seem to be having a lovely time munching their way through the masses of aphids.

The aphids are lining up to be lunch

A ladybird larva enjoying munching on an aphid

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