Thursday, 5 March 2015

The jaunty jewelled jay

When Bug Mad Girl was about 5, she found the bright blue wing feather from a jay when we were out in the woods. She loved it and prized it like a jewel. That memory has stuck with her and she still talks about it if we catch a fleeting glimpse of a jay when we're out and about. We usually only see the blue flash as they disappear into the trees, or watch them by peeping through a hedge when they're feeding in a field. Although occasionally we've seen them in the garden for a few moments, but they're usually quite far away.

Sadly we've never seen a jay up close before, that is until yesterday. I threw a handful of peanuts out on the patio and a jay appeared and gobbled them all up. He was only about 5' away from me, although I was safely behind the patio doors. He knew I was there, but didn't seem to mind.

Made my day!

Stuffing his face!

Such beautiful colours and markings
He even gave me a little wave to say thanks for the peanuts!

Needless to say Bug Mad Girl was furious that school had ruined everything again and made her miss seeing it!  We will be putting out peanuts again at the weekend, as she's desperate to see it for herself.

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