Friday, 13 March 2015

In the garden

It's turned out to be another lovely sunny day today, despite the forecast of rain all day. I spent ten minute walking around the garden and was surprised how much was going on, seeing my "first of the year" for several species.

I saw my first two big fat bumblebees flying around, looking for a suitable nest site. Only the queen bumble bees survive the winter and start a new colony in the spring. In contrast, honey bees survive the cold of winter by clustering together. I saw my first honey bees out collecting pollen from the hellebores.

Such pretty flowers, but they always hang their heads so you can't see them
I also saw my first wasp and seven spot ladybird of the year and I've seen a brimstone butterfly in the garden every day this week.


The daffodils are flowering and the nettle patch is really starting to grow. Some mini-beasts have moved in already.

The birds are all very busy. The blue tits are building their nest in a box under the bird table and attack the sparrows if they get too close. I saw one yesterday land on the sparrows back and scare it away. I've seen them using the nesting bundles that we made, pulling grass and other goodies out of the bundle. I've also seen the male blackcap a lot, but the female has disappeared. Maybe she's sitting on eggs, hopefully nothing nasty has happened to her.

Best of all though, my new nest box and camera are installed and actually working. Robbie was very interested in what we were doing in the back of the buddleia and sat next to us watching. Lets hope he checks out the box and decides to nest in it!

Looking down from the roof of the new nest box

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