Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A morning of distractions

I'm finding it very hard to concentrate today as there's just so much going in the garden...

The robins have started using the new feeder stuck to the window, so every time I just get started on something a little face appears and I have to watch them and have a little chat.

The blue tits have been taking lots of nesting material into their nest box. Seems like moss is in demand today.

Nice moustache!
A pair of long-tailed tits seem to have taken up residence at the end of the garden (I think the blue tits banished them down there). They keep appearing in the tree, so then I have to watch them. Also, the male black cap has been on the feeders, but there's still no sign of the female.

A pair of crows have been breaking big sticks off one of the trees. They sit there and have to use brute force to snap them off. They seem to drop most of them, although they have flown off with a few. I always thought they would use sticks that were already broken off for their nests, but it appears not!

I have to keep checking the bird box camera to see if anything goes in there (on Bug Mad Girls orders). No sign of any action yet, but it's still early days.

Nanny Moth rescued some frogspawn from her pond (she has huge fish that eat it all), so I've put some in our pond. We'll keep you posted on progress!

The goldfinches appeared and still seem to be able to find some seeds in the evening primrose. Better leave them a bit longer before I chop them down.

I voted for our national bird. There was no contest ... it had to be the red kite for me! You can vote at www.votenationalbird.com.
Then our copy of BBC Wildlife magazine arrived and Bug Mad Girl is in it. How exciting is that! Well done to all the young bloggers!

So not much else done this morning, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. I didn't realise that was BMG! Lol, her identity has been blown lol. Glad you have seen frogspawn too today. Mines bigger than yours though lol (except it wasn't exactly my pond as I don't have a garden)

  2. I know, she has a name! Saw your post about vinegar pond - great name and looks like a great place!