Monday, 2 March 2015

February highlights

I was expecting Feb to be a 'quiet' month, but instead we seemed to be busier than ever. Some of our best bits were:
  • Heading back to Pyrtle Spring to find water in the spring, all sorts of fungi, lichen and signs of spring.
  • A covering of snow turning Whiteleaf Hill into a winter wonderland and finding tracks in the snow.
  • BBC Wildlife making Bug Mad Girl their blog of the week.
  • Taking part in a moss walk at Aston Rowant nature reserve and discovering the beauty of mosses.
  • Exploring College Lake and climbing trees at Coombe Hill during half term.
  • Watching our lovely back garden birds all pair up and helping them out by putting up nest boxes, making nesting bundles and making bird cake, all for National Nest Box Week.
  • The red kites starting to revamp their nest, ready for this years brood.
  • Discovering a huge badgers sett, with plenty of signs of recent activity.


  1. Been quite a busy Feb for me too. I expect March will be productive as well as it is my birthday next week (which happens to be a Strumpshaw day) and hoping to get goshawk on the blog. Fingers crossed!

  2. Happy birthday for next week. Mine's on the 13th! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for goshawks, that would be great to see.