Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Homemade nesting pouch

Nanny Moth decided to have a go at making some homemade nesting pouches for wrens (or any small birds that fancy using them). Bug Mad Girl helped (while Little Brother poked her with sticks) and the end result is brilliant.

They started with some bendy sticks cut out of the garden and wired them together at the bottom. Then they weaved another stick around the vertical sticks, quite tightly at the bottom to support the nesting material inside, but getting loser higher up.

Then they tied the sticks together at the top and trimmed off the ends. They made a door by twisting another stick into a circle and attached it to the pouch in one of the gaps.

Finally they stuffed ferns into the bottom the pouch and wove them around the sticks to line the inside.

We put it up in the garden in the middle of a bush, fastening it securely top and bottom.

Last year the wrens nested in a hole in the side of one of our hanging baskets, so hopefully they'll be very comfy in these. We'll keep you posted!


  1. Very nice. While you were busy making those, I have been busy with your house sparrow and long-tailed tit drawings. The result is on my blog. Enjoy!