Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hayling Island

This afternoon we arrived for the start of a week on Hayling Island in Hampshire. We're staying in a house overlooking a small nature reserve, which in turn overlooks the sea.

The view from the house, with the beach just beyond the nature reserve
Despite the weather, we headed out to the beach to look for treasure. I think the best word to describe it was "bracing"! The real gale force winds are forecast for tomorrow, so that could be interesting!

Bug Mad Girl had her eagle eyes on as usual and my pockets were soon full of treasures to be taken home and admired later (out of the cold wind). She also found a dead crab "with a big nose", but I refused to put that one in my pocket!

Female masked crab
We walked along the beach, all the way past the nature reserve, which unfortunately isn't open to the public. However, you can walk around three sides of it and our house on is on the fourth side, so if the wind ever drops, we'll hopefully get a good look at some of the wildlife that lives there.

We saw lots of gorse and a couple of cows with big horns, but everything else seemed to be hiding away from the wind.

From the beach, looking back towards our house
The view to Chichester Harbour
Back at the house, we had a good look at our treasures....

Lots of treasure for our first walk on the beach

A mermaid's purse - small-spotted catshark egg case

Common whelk eggs and a piece of sponge

From left to right (sort of): Common otter shell, mussel, cockle, dog whelk,
2 common whelks, razor shell, queen scallop

A selection of pretty stones

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