Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sticklebacks, stream creatures, caterpillars and trails through the weeds

The sun actually came out for a few minutes today, so we went for a walk to another stream. This time we were very quiet (or at least we tried to keep quiet, which only lasted about 5 minutes) and actually saw some Stickleback fish. Some had red tummies, which apparently are the male fish.

Then we had a go at stream dipping and found some great big leeches, a caddis fly larvae, water snails and some shrimpy things.

We also saw some 2 spot ladybirds, day flying moths and lots of Peacock and Tortoiseshell caterpillars. A few had to come home with us and have now been rehomed on our nettle patch in the garden.  (I knew growing nettles in the garden had to be a good idea, because now we put Bug Mad Girls caterpillar finds on our nettles and I don't have to keep them in the kitchen!)

We also found a trail though some weeds - must have been made by something quite big, maybe a badger (?)

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