Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rainy Day fun

Yet another rainy day in Half Term!  We braved the weather and went on a Dragonfly Trail, even though there was no chance of seeing anything flying. Oh wait a minute, what's that I can see?

We did see some lovely lichen...

Back at home we spent quite a lot of time trying to tame a Robin. Eventually we want it to feed from our hands, but at the moment we've got it to eat mealworms from the patio while we are looking on from the dining room. It is very close to us, but the other side of the glass door. Next step (if it ever stops raining) is to sit out on the patio and try to get it to feed next to us.

We've also had a pair of Great Tits on the bird feeders all day.

Bug Mad Girl has spent the rest of the day painting her favourite birds and the Deaths Head Hawk Moth caterpillars.


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