Sunday, 25 May 2014

Red Kite's nest

Here's Katrina the Red Kite, who's still sitting on her eggs. Looks like they haven't hatched yet (judging by the lack of food being taken up there), but she seems to be taking good care of them. She's been seen fussing over the eggs, which is probably her turning them. She does most of the sitting, but Kenny also takes his turn. 

I took these out of the bathroom window. She hadn't noticed me for the first one, but definitely knew I was there for the second. If looks could kill!

Kenny is much more relaxed. Here he is sitting in the Ash tree in the garden next door, keeping watch over the nest and Katrina. Earlier today he was seen taking a great big worm up to the nest, which he then gave to her. What a good boy, looking after Mum!

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