Sunday, 18 May 2014

Big bird bread breakfast

I put some bread on the bird tables this morning and lots of big birds came and gobbled it all up (almost before I was back indoors). First to appear was a clattering of Jackdaws (yes, I had to look up the collective noun for Jackdaws!) There were about 6 of them and they all sat around in the trees in the garden and took turns to land on the bird table and grab some bread. They were surprisingly polite and didn't fight with each other or mind a magpie taking turns either.

Then a very silly Woodpigeon turned up. It was obviously nest building and had a stick in it's mouth. It couldn't quite work out how to get some bread without putting the stick down, so ended up with no bread.

The most exciting bird to appear was a rook. It was massive (about twice the size of a Jackdaw), had very glossy black feathers and a grey face. A very imposing bird and not one I've seen on the bird table before.

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